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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Winter Diet

Take your first step to a healthier, slimmer body!

Your Winter Diet

In winter, when it’s freezing outside, it’s very tempting to tuck into stodgy comfort food.Then, when spring approaches, you start to panic at the thought of those skimpy summer clothes. But there’s a way to enjoy warming foods without putting on weight.

Try these tips:

Drink plenty of water, even when it’s cold t his helps suppress
your appetite and keeps your system working smoothly

- When making stock for soups and stews, pour it into a jug and stand it in the fridge overnight. This allows all the fat to rise to the surface and solidify. Scrape it off, and you have fat-free stock.

- Use tomato-based sauces for pasta, rather than cream-based ones. Make white sauce and mashed potatoes with low-fat or skim milk to cut down on the fat content.To cut down on carbs,
use sweet potatoes for your mash instead of the large white variety.

- Don’t add sugar to vegetables, rather oven-roast them to bring out their natural sweetness.

- Make chunky vegetable and bean soups, and eat them without bread. Vegetables and legumes keep you feeling full for longer, while bread boosts your blood sugar level and then drops it leaving you craving more food.

Drink Herbalife Thermojetics Beverage and shrink while you drink. It puts a spring in your step and is delicious hot or cold. Why not swop your cup of coffee for a low calorie alternative with
just one third the amount of caffeine. It comes in original, lemon, peach and raspberry flavors and is a treat any time of day.

Good news! To lose weight, you need to eat a lot of good food.

This is how to choose it:

- You need carbs to keep your “engine” going. The less processed the better. A slice of white bread and a slice of wholewheat bread provide more or less the same amount of energy but the wholewheat is more filling, tastier, has more fibre, vitamins & minerals.

- You need quality lean protein in your diet. Get this by eating, lean chicken or fish, low fat yoghurt, cottage cheese, beans and pulses like lentils and chickpeas.

- You need fat too but choose a healthy option like extra virgin olive oil.

myth: Going hungry is part of being on diet

Have a healthy day

Fathima Ismail
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Healthy Breakfast : part two

Take your first step to a healthier, slimmer body!

Did you start your day with a healthy Breakfast?

Five Health Benefits of Breakfast

Weight loss isn’t the only positive effect of eating breakfast – studies reveal it can affect our body in all manner of health-promoting ways:

Increased Energy – Researchers have found that breakfast eaters have 10% more energy than breakfast skippers, probably because the fibre in many breakfast foods helps fight constipation, a known cause of fatigue.

Healthier Hearts – Skipping breakfast increases levels of cholesterol in the body. Exactly why isn’t known.

Lowered Diabetes Risk – Exposure to high levels of insulin in the body is one of the risk factors of type II diabetes, but the same study found that breakfast eaters are more sensitive to the insulin produced in their body which naturally keeps levels lowered.

Fewer Colds and Flu – When researchers looked at sickness rates, breakfast skippers generally experienced at least one minor illness in the 10 week study while breakfast eaters escaped illness.

Denser Bones – The higher levels of nutrients in the diets of breakfast eater’s means they tend to have thicker bones than breakfast skippers, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Power Up
If you can get our for a 30 minute walk at breakfast time, you will increase your weight loss by at least 166g a week, plus by walking on an empty stomach you will increase the amount of fat you burn, potentially leading to faster inch-loss as well. It’s not recommended that you do more intensive exercise on an empty stomach; have something light such as a piece of fruit before you start. And remember to eat your breakfast as soon as you get back home to prevent low glycogen stores making you feel hungry.

Start your day with a Herbalife Shake!

Have a healthy day

Fathima Ismail
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